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Prolific Basketball strives to help the girls achieve the cohesion, mental focus, and game-time discipline that translate into better performances and assists young athletes in pursuit of collegiate and professional aspirations.

Club coaching is available for young girls who are looking for a stable, competitive, and rewarding environment where they can grow as part of a competitive team. Training is available for girls in grades 5 & 6 and 7 & 8, JV and Varsity; the sessions are scheduled 3-5 times per week in 2-hour sessions.

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We believe that basketball is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable ways for boys & girls to learn about the values of individual effort and teamwork in an environment that nurtures athletic growth and skill development. Prolific Basketball offers group training programs for girls and boys under the careful guidance of Tony Laguna, Assistant Varsity Coach at San Marcos High School and Semi-Pro player. Coach Laguna has extensive experience in training young athletes, passing on the fundamentals of the game to aspiring players who share his passion for basketball.

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Basketball made easy and affordable for all levels in San Marcos and vicinities

  • lifting programs
  • sprinting programs
  • speed & agility
  • jumping
  • psychology
  • injury risk reduction
  • recovery
  • parental support

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to do is sign up by contacting us. Then pay for the one-time sessions or groups or team sessions. Prolific Basketball's training programs are designed to complement the needs of professional young and teenage girls, regardless of their age or skill level. While we focus on the most important aspects regarding technique and game psychology that translate into better performance, we also emphasize other equally important facets like physical preparation, injury risk reduction, faster recovery, and moral support.

We believe that the guidance of high school Coach Tony is essential for ensuring that young players develop a healthy appreciation for the game in an environment that nurtures both individual effort and teamwork. We are located in San Marcos and we built up numerous professional basketball players who have gotten scholarships at colleges.

Tony Laguna has extensive experience helping athletes as a coach at San Marcos High School and the Coastal Elite Basketball Club.

Prolific Basketball's programs are customized and designed by Coach Tony Laguna to help athletes hone their skills and achieve a higher level of gameplay aiming for a collegiate or pro career. Training is available for girls in one-on-one or group sessions, grades 5 & 6, 7 & 8, JV, and Varsity. The 1 on 1 training is available for anyone, no matter age or gender.

While basketball is a team sport, every cohesive group is comprised of individuals with particular needs and specific aspects of their game that they seek to develop or build upon.

Prolific Basketball aims to help athletes that want to improve their performance through 1-on-1 training sessions with Coach Tony Laguna, who has been assisting up-and-coming basketball players for more than 20 years.

We provide customized individualized training and we recognize that each player and group has unique strengths and drawbacks that may require fine-tuning. Coach Tony Laguna leverages his years of experience to help athletes and teams get to their next level.

Prolific Basketball's program fees vary depending on the training format that players sign up for. Group training consisting of 5 to 10 players is $25 per session, and 1-on-1 training with Coach Tony Laguna is $35 per session.

Players (grades 7 and above) can also join our club teams, with training scheduled 3 to 5 times a week in two-hour sessions for $220 per month.

Unfortunately, we do not offer club teams for boys at the moment. We are committed to expanding our programs for female basketball players, and our focus is on helping female athletes improve by providing them with training and developmental opportunities.

After you pass the tryouts, you will have to commit to team practices at least twice a week. We hold 3–5 practices each week, with each session lasting for 2 hours. This intensive training schedule allows every player to develop individually while developing team cohesion as well.

For training with an already existing team, we offer a Group Training program. However, if you want to play with your friends or teammates in our club teams, each individual must pass tryouts separately. Please register for our free tryouts here.

Our club teams look for young female players who want to develop their abilities further. To be able to join a team, you must pass tryouts, which means you should have prior experience as a basketball player. For new athletes, we offer 1-on-1 training and group training programs to hone your skills and knowledge.