Prolific Girls Basketball Club Teams in San Marcos & Carlsbad

We help professional basketball club young female players improve their abilities and performance on the court to reach the next level of their development through customized programs tailored to their specific age group and skill level. You can see our teams below, each team has 10 players and we currently have two JV teams and two Varsity teams. Come to tryout it's free. 

Team workouts are scheduled 3 to 5 times per week in San Marcos CA in 2-hour training sessions for $220/month with Coach Tony Laguna 760.453.1642.

JV High School Girls


Varsity High School Girls


5th & 6th Grade Girls


7th & 8th Grade Girls


We also provide 1 on 1 / private and group training in San Marcos and Carlsbad for both girls and boys, middle school and high school.

Our Training Programs

  • Lifting Programs – When done properly, weight lifting can be a great asset in a player’s training routine that supports several other crucial performance aspects. Prolific Basketball offers lifting programs designed to improve a player’s strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  • Sprinting Programs – Whether running backcourt on defense or charging forward offensively, sprinting is vital to stay ahead in the game. Prolific Basketball’s sprinting programs help players develop a faster reaction time and more explosive acceleration.
  • Basketball Programs – Basketball is much more than just a ball and hoop; it’s a fast-paced sport involving teamwork, effort, endurance, and well-honed skills. Our programs are designed to address all major aspects of gameplay, training, fitness and safety for aspiring athletes.
  • Speed and Agility – Being able to rapidly elude defenders, decelerate for a jump shot, or jump for a rebound, are dependent on adequate speed control. Our programs help players improve their speed and agility on the court, staying one step ahead of their competition.
  • Jumping Skills – A strong and high vertical jump allows players to score more layups and 3-point shots, achieve more rebounds, and block opponents better. Our programs help players develop their jumping skills and achieve increased velocity and higher elevation.
  • Psychology of the Game – A good comprehension of the game’s focus, strategy, and a player’s own mental endurance are just as important as physical conditioning. We help players better to grasp the ins and outs of basketball psychology and keep their heads in the game.
  • Injury Risk Reduction – Basketball is a dynamic sport involving aggressive body contact at high speeds that can lead to many injuries. Our programs help players be aware of the game’s risks and avoid injuries that could sideline them for extended periods.
  • Faster Recovery – Injuries are an almost unavoidable fact in basketball, and knowing how to recuperate properly reduces the time spent off the court. We provide players with advice on improving and speeding up recovery to get back in the game quicker.
  • Parental Support – Young athletes require the moral support and proper guidance of their trusted parental figures just as much as they need an experienced coach. Prolific Basketball helps parents better understand how they can support their children’s drive to improve their skills.