About Prolific Basketball and Coach Tony Laguna

Prolific Basketball offers comprehensive individual and group training programs for professional young players in Carlsbad and San Marcos area to improve their game and skillset to match up to junior high, and varsity/high school levels. Our programs and training sessions are designed by Tony Laguna, 20 years coach at San Marcos High School and Coastal Elite Basketball Club.

Tony Laguna attended and played for San Marcos High School until he graduated in 1995, and currently serves as assistant varsity coach for the girls' and boys' teams under head coaches Roger DiCarlo and Dante Carey.

While we consider that athletes can reach college and professional status through hard work and perseverance, we believe that education is the foundation upon which success stories are built.

We have girls coming to our trainings from the following communities near San Marcos:

Prolific Basketball Club Programs

Tony Laguna & Team

While there's no substitute for hard work, we know that gaining a good grasp of the game's fundamentals early on is vital to developing young players' skills and chances of achieving their athletic ambitions. Prolific Basketball provides comprehensive training programs for middle school girls (grades 5 and 6, and 7 and 8), helping them hone their abilities on the court and improve their gameplay as they progress toward high school-level competition.

Aspiring young players have the opportunity to build a solid foundation in a private club setting under the experienced guidance of Tony Laguna, head coach at Prolific Basketball. Training sessions take place 4-5 times per week for $220/month, with the teams regularly participating in league games and tournaments.

Our teams

San Marcos Knights Varsity & JV Girls Basketball

Tony Laguna & Team

Tony Laguna likewise leverages his wealth of experience training the San Marcos High School girls' basketball teams, helping young ladies hone their skills on the court in both collective and individual training sessions and contributing to the team's success for over two decades.

Coach Tony Laguna has trained the San Marcos Knights girls' teams for over 20 years alongside coaches Roger DiCarlo (Varsity) and Michael Johnson (JV), as well as assistant coaches Joe Jessen and Joe Jonson.

The San Marcos Knights girls' basketball team holds a league champion title (2012-2013) and has reached several state finals and playoffs since.

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San Marcos Knights Varsity & JV Boys Basketball

Tony Laguna & Team

As a proud San Marcos High School Alumni, Tony Laguna is personally vested in passing down his knowledge to future generations of Knights, contributing to the team's legacy and success for over two decades as a player and coach, and helping young players achieve their athletic ambitions as they pursue college and professional basketball careers.

Tony Laguna has been a skills coach for over 20 years, training the San Marcos boys' basketball teams with coaches Dante Carey (Varsity) and Zach Ramirez (JV) with the help of co-assistant coaches Colin Sarazen and Jason Cowell.

Since 2010, the San Marcos Knights boys' basketball teams have been league champions and have won significant high school titles.

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