Prolific Basketball Training Programs for Middle and High School Girls in Oceanside, CA


Our training programs and camps are created to help young female athletes from all middle and high school students from Oceanside.

We aim to help them develop essential individual and team skills to achieve better results in every game they play. We also encourage our young athletes to develop a healthy competitiveness that converges on what they can learn from the games they play besides the victory over the opponent team.

Our club teams play in tournaments and leagues near Oceanside. 

Our San Marcos-based training programs are tailored to each student's athletic development, ensuring they get all the attention and guidance they need.

At Prolific Basketball, we train five young female athletes from Oceanside under the expert guidance of Tony Laguna, Semi-Pro player and Assistant Varsity Coach at San Marcos High School.

We Serve All Middle Schools in Oceanside

At Prolific Basketball, training programs welcome female students from all Oceanside middle and high schools, including the following:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Middle
  • Cesar Chavez Middle
  • Jefferson Middle
  • Lincoln Middle

We Serve All High Schools in Oceanside

We welcome young female students from all high schools in Oceanside to our San Marcos-based training programs, club teams, and camps: 

  • El Camino High School
  • Oceanside High School
  • Oceanside Unified School District Adult Transition Program
  • Surfside Academy